Putting people first is key

While being a software company that is driven by automation, we truly believe people are our most important assets.

It's about us, it's about our customers, it's about everyone.

Faundit team on retreat

Social commitment

The Faundit team

The first thing any team member learns about Faundit is that work should not be dull. Our well-being is key to a healthy company.

Flexible hours and work locations are given, and everyone at Faundit is hired for and strives to remain at 37-40 hours of work per week on Danish employment contracts. We believe that innovation is fostered best by open and clear minds, and we know that ideas are best developed and tested with the team - while their minds are open and clear.

Equality is key; this ranges from anyone being able to make the best decision to equal pay for equal work and 3 months of paid parental leave. In any hiring process, predicting the person's potential and fit with the team outweighs any demographics.

Doing a little to help others

Our environmental efforts have a secondary potential of adding value to local communities. We focus on planting trees in the likes of fruit trees that can generate an income stream for communities that are in need of exports.

We know that doing nothing has no effect.

We hope that doing something has some effect. We prefer not to wait for the perfect solution.

Customer relations

A happy team fosters a good customer relationship. Unhappy customers can have a negative effect on the team, so we don’t like to tie up customers with long-term contracts. Although we invoice annually, the termination notice is usually 1 month.

We rarely experience downtime but if we do experience more than 6 hours of downtime during working hours, we happily compensate our customers, according to our service level agreement.

120.000+ staff worldwide

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We are always looking for great talent to join us on the journey

Our team is growing - especially when great talent joins us. Are you equally passionate about turning headaches into great experiences by leveraging the power of new technology? Then Faundit could be exactly the right place for you.

Current openings:
- Customer Success Manager - just hired
- Marketing Manager

Contact us

Reach out if you want to talk. About anything.

If you want to hear more about Faundit, us as a company, or our latest team event - just reach out.

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