Lost and Found software for hotels

Complete lost and found handling for hotels, hostels, and resorts.

Lost and found for hotels
Lost and found for hotels around the world
"it saves us A LOT of time not having to arrange the deliveries, collect payments from guests, use employee hours on going to the post office, etc. This is a great tool for hotels and I brought it with me to my new workplace without hesitation."
Mette Langer – Front Office Manager @ Copenhagen GO Hotel

Improve customer service

Faundit is tailor-made for the hospitality industry with more than 200 hotels, inns and lodges already using it today as their management system for lost property working perfectly with housekeeping SOP.

Many opt for improved customer service with white-labelled automatic emails sent to the guest, containing personal messages, hotel logos and useful links. As a consequence, our trusted partnership is proven to build customer loyalty with the guests, by offering more than just a clean hotel room and a nice breakfast.

  • Save 27 minutes every day in the reception or concierge.
  • Go above and beyond for your guests with automated Lost and Found.
  • No more clustered Excel sheets or post-it notes hanging around.
  • Digital housekeeping tool available on any device.
  • Benefit from our automated procedures. Take advantage of our instant matching algorithm. Harvest the result on your bottom line and gain guest satisfaction.

Do it now with Faundit.

Shipping rates

Insert address and compare rates from multiple carriers.

Inventory management

One place to register and track all actions on your lost and found.

Automated emails and texts

Register what you find and let us contact the guest on your behalf.


Use our templates or customize emails to guests with your brand.

Customer feedback

Gain valuable feedback and reviews - without lifting a finger.

Pre-paid shipping labels

Print labels, track shipments and schedule free pickups.

Secure payments

Have your guests pay the shipping fee as easy as online shopping.

GDPR compliant

Make sure your guests data is taken care of in a compliant manner.

Lost property laws

Live up to local regulations regarding storing lost property and contacting the owner.

Get started in 10 minutes

It’s easy to get started with Faundit and our team will help you with everything you need. We’ll make our services work with your existing hospitality software and help you set it up, so your Faundit platform runs smoothly.

After 10 minutes, you’re all set.