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Lost and Found software for live events

Complete lost and found handling for festivals, fairs, and live events.

Lost and found for live events and festivals
Lost and found for live events
"Amazing how easy it was for our staff members to adopt Faundit. Not having to worry about lost and found is really a game changer!"
Victorious Festival

Save time dealing with lost and found

While having a good time at festivals, fairs, concerts, arenas or sports events, people often forget where they last put their personal belongings. That makes it really hard to look for, but with a structured approach, you can easily help your customers when their lost wallets or lost jackets are found. Faundit lets you manage your inventory of lost properties easily while your customers can create a request ticket for belongings they have lost.

Now, Faundit helps you with:

  • Post-event management after event cleanup
  • Time and frustration of finding, contacting and returning belongings
  • Visibility for management

Spend your time catering for your customers and let us handle Lost and Found. Simply register what you find and we will coordinate everything with your visitors. Do not let a lost item harm your brand loyalty and reputation.

Do it now with Faundit.

Trusted partnership for festivals and live events

Secure payments

Have your guests pay the shipping fee as easy as online shopping.

GDPR compliant

Make sure your guests data is taken care of in a compliant manner.

Lost property laws

Live up to EU regulations regarding storing lost property and contacting the owner.

Get started in 10 minutes

It’s easy to get started with Faundit and our team will help you with everything you need. We’ll make our services work with your existing hospitality software and help you set it up, so your Faundit platform runs smoothly.

After 10 minutes, you’re all set.