More than 500 hotels already use Faundit to handle lost items

We create the best possible lost and found experience across several hundred hotels and venues

all over Europe. We help them all increase guest loyalty by making it radically

easy to find and return lost items.

Casper, CEO and Founder of Faundit with Benjamin Rasmussen

"Using Faundit has made it possible to resolve lost items cases and reunite them with the owners. And the best part, we even use less time than previously"

Benjamin Rasmussen

Team Leader at Falkenberg Strandbad

ESS Group Logo
Michelle Exarhos Droze, President @ Les Clefs D'or, Denmark

"The guest feedback that we receive is really great. It's so easy to deliver a high quality service"

Anders Ølsted Jensen

Head Concierge & Past President – Les Clefs D'or® Denmark

Skt Petri hotel logo
Daniel Twerenbold, Regional Director at Radisson Hotel Group

"Faundit is a helpful tool to turn a recurring problem into a positive guest experience"

Daniel Twerenbold

Regional Director – Radisson Hotel Group

Radisson Hotel Group logo
Francisco at the staircase

"Helping guests with lost and found is easier and faster than ever. That’s how it should be when you introduce new software.”

Francisco Ventura

General Manager - Sunborn London

Sunborn London logo
Sebastian Martinez, Hotel Manager at Ellery Beach House

"We spend less than half the time on lost and found compared to before Faundit."

Sebastian Martinez

Hotel Manager

Ellery Beach House
Iluta Skromane-Almo in hotel reception

"Thanks to Faundit, we have the structure to offer guests a personalized service and help charities."

Iluta Skromane-Almo
Style Manager - Clarion Hotel The Hub

Clarion Hotel The Hub logo
Jakob Gjærum, Hotel Manager - Villa Copenhagen

"The most environmentally sustainable way to work with lost and found"

Jakob Gjærum

Hotel Manager – Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen logo
Tini Diekmann, Deputy Hotel Manager

“Having a Faundit integration with MEWS makes arranging pickups and shipments for our guests a lot easier”

Tini Diekmann

Deputy Hotel Manager - Hotel Oderberger

Hotel Oderberger logo
Lulu Gudsmeden interior

"Our dedication goes beyond hospitality; we prioritize proactive guest care and Faundit is playing an important role in enabling us to make a difference"

Marzia Maggiolini
Deputy Front Office Manager

Gudsmeden Hotels Logo
Comwell's reception & lounge

"What interested us about Faundit was that they take care of ⅔ of the process, which frees up time for our staff to focus on things around the hotels"

Christian Bendixen
Rooms Division Manager

Comwell Hotels Logo
Teresa Lackey, Housekeeping Manager - Hotel At Six

"Faundit is amazing, it has enabled us to work much more efficiently"

Teresa Lackey

Housekeeping Manager – Hotel At Six

Hotel At Six logo
Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

"I think we have saved 25-45% of our time. We then use that time to serve our fantastic guests"

Kenneth Rivold

Housekeeping Manager - Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Clarion Hotels logo
Povilas, Front Office Manager at Telegraphenamt

"Our guests receive a surprisingly positive service from us that is so simple."

Povilas Juška

Front Office Manager

Radisson Blu Liverpool

“The automation makes it easy for us - even easier and quicker for our guests to get their item safely back.”​​

Chris Graham

Interim General Manager - Radisson Blu Liverpool

Radisson Blu logo
Team at Paradise Resort

"We are able to help so many guests with an approach that is way easier and faster"

Alicia Szerszyn

Sales & Marketing Manager - Paradise Resort Gold Coast

Paradise Resort Gold Coast
Hotel GUESTapart entrance

"Faundit offered amazing support and service without comparison from the very beginning"

Nicolaj Ørskov Skafsgaard

Technical Facility Manager

Hotel GUESTapart logo

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