Governance through expert advice

Doing business should be a force for good.

We rely on outside advice and service to ensure that we can continue to benefit all stakeholders.

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Governmental commitment

Faundit stakeholders

We believe that building a strong emphasis on the stakeholders creates a strong foundation for our business to grow. By prioritising and being able to add value to all stakeholders - ranging from our team and customers to tax officials and foreign communities - we believe we are also benefitting the shareholders in the long run.

As a privately owned business, we happily choose healthy growth and dedicate resources to planting fruit trees because it feels right.

Faundit is supervised by an advisory board. While the ownership is engaged in the business on a daily basis, the 3-man board offers advice on structuring and working towards both our commercial goals, such as revenue targets and customer satisfaction, and community goals, such as government reporting and compliance.

The board is limited to 3 people at a time to ensure every advice is processed by management. There is an annual evaluation of the board by the management team to ensure that the 3 hired advisors have the competencies to aid and advise on expected future challenges.

O‌utsourcing to PwC

As the company is a true believer in digitalisation and optimisation, many roles are outsourced to external experts.

Auditing, tax-, and legal counseling are obtained from PwC Denmark. As we value ensuring our contribution to Denmark, our complex global setup also ensures proper VAT reporting abroad, for example.

Faundit is registered for VAT One Stop Shop for correct VAT reporting across Europe, and registered individually in select countries outside of the EU for VAT reporting.

Choosing and checking suppliers

Large companies like Stripe and DigitalOcean are relied on for processing of all personal data to prevent leaks and downtime, and to carry out our standards, we perform checks with our suppliers to ensure that our Code of Conduct is adhered to.

120.000+ staff worldwide

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GDPR compliance with Faundit

Privacy and compliance with care

We aid in your compliance with data privacy and local lost property laws by implementing automated and safety processes that eliminate the worry.

We store as little data as possible and validate the GDPR compliancy of our suppliers. When our customers don't need the data anymore, neither do we.

Read our data compliancy

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