Telegraphenamt Berlin

Digitalisation of lost and found

Povilas, Front Office Manager at Telegraphenamt

Located in the heart of Berlin, the historic telegraph office was transformed into a stylish hotel with 97 design rooms and a vibe that fumes with elegance.

Telegraphenamt is not only a place to sleep but also a place to experience as a historic attraction itself. If guests prefer a festive evening, they also do events and have a members club as the hotel is a unique place to hang out for a cocktail or dinner.

As Telegraphenamt opened only recently, they had the opportunity to launch with modern technology and as such implemented Faundit with a Mews integration.

The digital approach to lost and found

When an item is lost at Telegraphenamt, the staff quickly registers the item in Faundit with an attached picture.

The hotel has implemented a guest inquiry form on its website to make it as easy and seamless as possible for guests to inquire about lost items. This helps the staff to avoid phone calls and adds structure to lost and found.

"Having Faundit makes lost and found so much easier as it is very limited what we have to do. Our guests receive a surprisingly positive service from us that is so simple."
Povilas Juška, Front Office Manager
Povilas Juška, Front Office Manager

Whether the item is found or not, the guest always gets the assistance required. Everything is automated for the staff at the hotel with customisable templates, and if the item is found, the guest receives an email with the picture to confirm before ordering a shipment.

Fully Telegraphenamt branded guest service

Having opened a hotel with such attention to detail, of course, the guest should receive the elevated service coming directly from the hotel.

Although the heavy lifting is handled through Faundit, Telegraphenamt receives gratitude from the guests to keep building loyalty. Their logo is even on the packaging when the guest receives their item back to brand themselves towards guests in every contact point.

Faundit - bring back favourite things