Sunborn London

An easy solution for an old challenge

Francisco at the staircase

Just outside central London lies a gem. At the docks where spices from the Far East once arrived, close to the O2 Arena and just next to ExCeL London, an exhibition centre for fairs, sporting events, and conferences, lies Sunborn London. A beautiful yacht you cannot miss.

Within close proximity to two major event sites, it’s no wonder many guests decide to stay at Sunborn London. The allure lies in the unique experience of staying on a yach, whether it’s a weekend-long romantic getaway or just a single night. Treating oneself to this exquisite experience is a must before leaving London.

Unique experiences at unique hotels

On top of the unique yacht experience, you’ll meet the kind and lovable staff. They will make your stay worth it, and if you forget anything, there’s no need to worry either. With Faundit, they’ll make sure you’re in good hands.

Francisco and Migle walking up the stairs
“We consider the cooperation with Faundit a partnership. Using Faundit for lost and found enables us to improve the guest experience and prioritise spending time with guests instead.”
Francisco Ventura - General Manager at Sunborn London

The quote above sums up how Sunborn London operates, not just with Faundit. It’s all about the guests and the experience on-site when you visit.

The team registers everything they find, and they try to reunite as many guests as possible with their belongings - and thereby planting many fruit trees. Managing lost and found is no longer a time-consuming task. Aiming for the best guest service possible, introducing new solutions to old problems can prove necessary.

“Introducing new tech and software to staff is always a challenge. However, with Faundit, everyone was on board immediately, and the staff loves it. Helping guests with lost and found is easier and faster than ever. That’s how it should be when you introduce new software.”
Francisco Ventura - General Manager at Sunborn London
Francisco, Migle and Martin holding the Sunborn London shipping bag

New tech does not have to be difficult

Being able to customise it all, the beautiful yacht hotel makes the most of it. From the first email to the guests receiving their items in Sunborn London branded shipping bags. It makes a real difference and helps turn a headache into a positive guest experience.