Radisson Hotel Group

Radisson Hotels’ innovative Lost and Found process ensures positive guest experiences

Daniel Twerenbold, Regional Director at Radisson Hotel Group

Before the global pandemic forced hoteliers to prioritise digitalization, Radisson Hotel Group had already begun building behind-the-scenes systems that make it much simpler to run their hotels.

The group realised that to successfully roll out these innovations, they would have to build a strong foundation of systems that could integrate with other tools, thereby allowing Radisson to deploy new features quickly.

With the launch of EMMA, their unified technology platform, the efforts paid off. The intentions were to create a holistic approach to business analytics, revenue- and property management. In other words, to simplify daily operations, reduce costs, and create new capabilities.

Digitalising Lost & Found

One of those new capabilities became a simple yet effective way to deal with lost and found, which, in their partnership with Faundit, turned out to further enhance a more personalised guest experience as well as reduce time-consuming grind-work for their staff members.

“Faundit is a helpful tool to turn a recurring problem into a positive guest experience, and we receive positive feedback from our GM's on how Faundit adds value to our operations with time freed up in multiple teams”
Daniel Twerenbold, Regional Director
Daniel Twerenbold at Radisson Blu Zurich Airport

What started as software beneficial to selected Radisson hotels, where personalised service is a non-negotiable priority, quickly evolved into a partnership helping define the bespoke Radisson Hotels service found in their hotels across Europe in 2022. Despite all the varying processes for lost and found in the hotels, Faundit provided a system that was tailored to each hotel’s staff and which was up and running in the hotels within a few days.

Integrations simplify the process further

Now, Faundit is integrated with the housekeeping tools at Radisson, making it even more simple to adopt and implement processes for lost and found. Radisson Hotels use HotelKit to update their employees on the hotel group’s standard operational procedures (SOPs), and as Faundit offers an integration with HotelKit, Radisson can effortlessly train their staff members on the easy lost and found procedures without changing their current SOPs, thereby ensuring lost & found becomes a painless and straightforward part of the daily operations from start to finish.

Radisson-branded service across Europe

White-labelling the guest experience as a Radisson-specific service wins loyalty and satisfaction associated with the Radisson brand. As lost and found does require extra effort from the staff, this is an opportune moment for Radisson hotels to show their guests what level of service they can expect the next time they visit.

Though many Radisson hotels have signed on already, the need for a simple lost and found solution continues to grow, and many additional Radisson hotels are waiting to become part of the Faundit partnership as the Radisson service brand spreads across Europe and into the hearts of hotel guests.

Faundit - bring back favourite things

Operational efficiency across the hotel

From day one, Radisson teams saved time dealing with lost and found while ensuring high, memorable service levels. Some hotels have housekeeping in charge of lost and found; others have the front office, duty staff, or concierge team. No matter who deals with the items, Faundit’s automation, as well as internal and external communication, solves the headache.

The reduction in staff hours spent is clear both with and without the Faundit integration with HotelKit. Especially time spent on activities such as payment and creating pre-paid labels becomes a big time-saver because Faundit takes all of that off the hotels’ hands.