Paradise Resort Gold Coast

Creating truly hassle-free vacations

Team at Paradise Resort

Located in Surfers Paradise in Australia, Paradise Resort is truly a family’s paradise. As a 360-room resort with a waterpark, ice-skating rink, kids clubs, and loads of entertainment, it is a dream vacation for a family with kids.

They have a kids-first approach to everything that they do, even including the little things like footstools in the bathrooms, bed rails, or themed rooms. The team at Paradise Resort Gold Cost looked to Denmark to complete the hassle-free vacation; parents shouldn’t have to stress about their kids misplacing their beloved toys or clothes in the resort.

Digital guest inquiries to add structure

Should a family forget their toy bunny under the table, guests are easily directed to the online form on, which immediately notifies the team who can deal with the inquiry through automation and templates.

Faundit - bring back favourite things
"We are able to help so many guests with an approach that is way easier and faster"
Alicia Szerszyn - Sales & Marketing Manager

With Faundit, it’s really not a problem if a family forgets an item. They receive an email with instructions and a few days later, the toy bunny is safely returned.

Only with superior tools is it possible to make dealing with lost and found seamless.

Integration with current tools

Paradise Resort works with Mews and in 5 minutes Faundit was able to connect the accounts so tasks from Faundit are integrated into current workflows. With the Faundit App, they can easily register items and add pictures so the family can confirm that the toy bunny is actually theirs before having it sent.

While Paradise Resort is offering a top service for their guests via Faundit, the guests are unaware that the service is outsourced to Faundit, which lets the Paradise Resort team build loyalty and positive experiences for more than 100 guests every month through automation and standard processes.

Faundit - bring back favourite things