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Pursuing proactivity and guest care hand in hand with Faundit

Lulu Gudsmeden interior

In the heart of Berlin lies Lulu Gudsmeden Hotel, a cozy 4-star retreat blending Nordic charm with Balinese modern vibes. As part of the Gudsmeden hotel group, Lulu exemplifies eco-friendly luxury while having a strong focus on being proactive towards guest care and sustainability.

Described as an "urban refuge" by Gudsmeden, offers 81 uniquely designed rooms, a restaurant called “Lu Liba” serving a fusion of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine, and a relaxed interior garden that transports guests away from the hustle of one of the largest European capitals.

“Our dedication goes beyond hospitality; we prioritize proactive guest care and Faundit is playing an important role in enabling us to make a difference”
Marzia Maggiolini - Deputy Front Office Manager
Lulu Gudsmeden guests

With meticulous attention to detail and genuine concern for guest comfort, Lulu's team registers and actively goes the extra mile to reunite lost belongings with their owners. Impressively, this proactive approach has resulted in nearly 700 items being registered over the past year alone.

Lulu Gudsmeden's team knows that a great stay isn't just about comfort and good food — it's also about taking care of guests in a more personal way. Together with Faundit, they've achieved this by making it easy for guests to recover their lost items, leaving them pleasantly impressed after their stay.

Sustainable Proactiveness

Lulu's proactiveness does not stop there —it reaches every aspect of the hotel's operations, including a strong commitment to sustainability. From serving organic, locally sourced meals to embracing innovative water-saving shower technology. Lulu ensures that being environmentally responsible is part of who they are.

This proactive approach to guest care, sustainability, and managing lost items is truly admirable. Together, Lulu Gudsmeden Hotel and Faundit exemplify the importance of proactive collaboration, as we both are committed to taking things to the next level and being environmentally conscious.

Curious about how Faundit can revolutionize lost item management for your business while promoting sustainability? Let's explore possibilities together!