Les Clefs d’Or Denmark

Unlocking bespoke, unparalleled service for any lost and found request

Michelle Exarhos Droze, President @ Les Clefs D'or, Denmark

Les Clefs d’Or is a global association of hotel concierges who are driven by setting new standards for guest service perfection. Serving more than 100 million guests across all their 4.000 members, the Danish delegation is a small, yet impactful part of the elite association.

The Golden Keys is composed of the best concierges worldwide who share friendships, connections, and best practices from the industry across the globe. The concierges good enough to be honoured as members of the association ensures that guests worldwide are safe, their every request met, and that they always meet an unparalleled quality of service during their stay. The Danish President, Michelle Exarhos Droze, and the Past International president, Anders Ølsted Jensen, share their insights on how Faundit are helping them achieve extraordinary service.

Michelle, Head Concierge
"With Faundit, we don’t have to waste so much time on Lost & Found, and instead we can focus on the guests and deliver exceptional service"
Michelle Exarhos Droze – Danish President @ Les Clefs d'Or and Head Concierge

No guest request they cannot deliver

Whether guests are travelling for business or pleasure, Les Clefs d’Or concierges’ assistance is invaluable. They go all in for every guest inquiry to ensure the guests have the best experience possible. However, sometimes things are out of their control such as a guest losing an invaluable item during their stay. Dealing with lost property is one of those scenarios where staff members need to keep delivering exceptional service.

Still wanting to ensure an unparalleled quality of service for in-house guests, it can be time-consuming to arrange shipping of lost items, payment, customs declarations, preparing the package for shipment, and going to the postal office.

This is why the members of Les Clefs d’Or Denmark (De Gyldne Nøgler) value the Faundit partnership - all they have to do is match an item or insert an email address - and Faundit handles the rest.

"The guest feedback that we receive is really great. It's so easy to deliver a high quality service."
Anders Ølsted Jensen – Head Concierge @ Hotel Skt Petri, Copenhagen
Anders Ølsted Jensen at Skt Petri Copenhagen

Bespoke service in the concierge spirit

Although Michelle and Anders outsource the lost and found handling to Faundit at their respective hotel employments, their guests experience this service only as a Radisson Collection Royal Hotel and Hotel SKT. Petri experience, respectively. With Faundit, concierges can continue to deliver their acknowledged high service quality without the headaches of doing the tiresome work that is required when handling lost and found.