Hotel Oderberger

Innovation across systems like MEWS

Tini Diekmann, Deputy Hotel Manager

Hotel Oderberger is truly an iconic hotel in Berlin that welcomes both guests for both accommodation and events, while locals are welcome for a swim in the heated pool.

Named in 2022 by Conde Nest Traveller as the best hotel in Berlin, it is really worth a visit. For the story, the architecture and the experience, Hotel Oderberger sets itself apart from the other hotels, and therefore they excel in giving their guests a throughout unique experience.

Innovative at heart, linking Faundit to the PMS

The staff at Hotel Oderberger are innovative, always looking for solutions that link up well with their setup and already working with MEWS, an integration with Faundit was a natural fit.

Although a large share of lost items is found in the pool area, being able to look up the guest details from only the room number and checkout date. For the unfortunate guests who are quick to inquire about their items, they can turn to the hotel’s website and submit a request that the staff can easily match and resolve in Faundit.

“Faundit is a great service and really helpful for us and our guests. Having a Faundit integration with MEWS makes arranging pickups and shipments for our guests a lot easier”
Tini Diekmann, Deputy Hotel Manager
Tini Diekmann

Fast and easy guest assistance

Seamlessly, the team has the Faundit App downloaded to their phone so they can register items on the go and include a picture of the item. This makes the guest service much easier as they can help guests immediately from the pictures in Faundit overview instead of having to search for the items that they describe.

Should the guest like to have their item sent, Faundit makes it as easy as possible for the team, while the guest experience the top service as a Hotel Oderberger service. This is why the hotel directs guests who have experienced the white-labeled Faundit service to their review sites.