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Sustainable stays and shared values

Hotel GUESTapart entrance

Hotel GUESTapart is on a mission. From locally-sourced artwork and decor to charging stations for electric cars, they strive to create a positive impact on both the environment and the community. Faundit and Hotel GUESTapart were founded almost at the same time, and while both shared a vision of excellent guest experiences, a match was made in the early days of both companies.

“We were both new companies, and Faundit offered amazing support and service without comparison from the very beginning. We’re very impressed with how Faundit has progressed to this day. They stay curious and consider simplicity, humour, and effectiveness. That’s awesome!”
Nicolaj Ørskov Skafsgaard - Technical Facility Manager

Cultivating sustainability, nurturing community

For guests seeking a hotel that champions local businesses, Hotel GUESTapart delivers. Besides partnering with Faundit to add structure to the lost and found procedure, Hotel GUESTapart commits to sustainability with numerous initiatives. They are a certified bee-friendly property (they sow, plant, and mow bee-friendly in our outdoor areas) and practice waste sorting in 14 different categories, to name a few.

Now, through Faundit, they care for the environment and local communities outside of Denmark, as they plant fruit trees across the world when helping guests have their forgotten items returned.

Faundit - bring back favourite things

The fruit trees that Hotel GUESTapart has planted are mostly in Tanzania, where they, in their average 20-year lifespan, compensate for global CO2 emissions. Being fruit trees, they have the secondary benefit of adding potential income sources for the local communities, which really aligns with the core values of the hotel.

Located just 15 minutes from the city centre by public transport, Hotel GUESTapart provides a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling city life. Choosing Hotel GUESTapart means choosing more than just accommodation—it's a conscious decision to support sustainability, local businesses, and the vibrant community of Aarhus.