Hotel At Six

Luxury with a twist through effortless Lost & Found procedures

Teresa Lackey, Housekeeping Manager - Hotel At Six

Hotel At Six is a hotel to behold as a flagship of Strawberry Hotels group, with the hotel being an inspiration to the hospitality industry. Following in the group’s footsteps as the driving seat of hotel experiences, At Six holds the meeting grounds of historical Stockholm’s cultural elite and offers luxury with a twist - as their catchphrase goes.

Exceptional service, however, does not end when a guest checks out, and At Six recognises this, which is why they partnered with Faundit to exceed guest expectations even after the end of their stay.

Faundit - bring back favourite things

Excellent service standards

Lost and found is usually a task for the Housekeeping team; they find a lost item and help the guests get it back.

However, this process can be very time-consuming as guests typically reach out to the Front Office, who then need to speak with Housekeeping about all inquiries, get access to the storage room, communicate back and forth with the guest, and arrange all that comes with shipping the item back to the guest.

Theresa Lackey and her team were looking for a solution that could simplify this process while ensuring their guests would still receive the luxury experience. Keeping the lost and found handling on par with their excellent service standards was incredibly time-consuming for Hotel At Six.

Teresa Lackey at Hotel At Six
"Faundit is amazing, it has enabled us to work much more efficiently. It has simplified the whole process of lost and found and not only cut down on valuable time for us but also offered a better service for our guests. A win-win situation!"
Teresa Lackey, Housekeeping Manager

Less effort and better guest service

With Faundit, they found a software that delivers a white-label solution to match their brand. Housekeeping staff go about their daily operations, and despite limited access to the Front Office, the team can easily get involved without overloading the housekeeping team with inquiries.

Travellers bring their favourite items with them, and if they are lost, Hotel At Six returns them to the guests with ease, while Faundit works in the background to ensure everything is done smoothly and effortlessly.

In case a guest prefers to pick it up themselves, this is automatically coordinated using the Faundit platform. The hotel team members get a notification the day before an imminent pick-up, just in time to store the lost item with the Front Office team, so it's ready to be picked up by the guest the next day, eliminating an excess of communication back and forth.

The Faundit-powered service is significantly easier for the guests, and they are happy to share positive feedback -- all these positive experiences directly add to the value of staying with Hotel At Six.

Faundit - bring back favourite things