Falkenberg Strandbad

Effortlessly reuniting items, thanks to a seamless Lost and Found Journey.

Casper, CEO and Founder of Faundit with Benjamin Rasmussen

Located along the Swedish coastline, Falkenberg Strandbad is a top-notch spa hotel that offers guests a luxurious and relaxing stay. With its stunning views of the coast and a range of relaxation amenities - including a spa retreat area with more than three different pools, and various dining options of exceptional quality - it truly provides an unforgettable experience.

Falkenberg Strandbad, a member of the ESS Group, partners with Faundit accros mutliple properties. This hotel offers more than just a place to stay; it's an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Thanks to its diverse areas and a very dedicated team, your stay will be a tasteful, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

“Using Faundit has made it possible to resolve lost items cases and reunite them with the owners. And the best part, we even use less time than previously”
Benjamin Rasmussen - Team Leader at Falkenberg Strandbad
Emil Lindmark working with Faundit

Lost Items in common areas are now a worry of the past

Lost & Found can be a real headache for hotels and guests alike. Guests often misplace items, while hotel staff struggle to keep track of items and efficiently return them. This challenge is amplified at Falkenberg, where the hotel is more than a place to sleep; but a place to enjoy and spend time, leading to many lost items being found in common areas, making it even more challenging.

Thanks to using Faundit's innovative solution of creating a custom Guest Inquiry Page, this challenge has been overcome. Guests can easily access a form where they can request a lost item, describe where it was last seen, and even upload a picture of the item. The hotel staff then receives the inquiry and can use Faundit’s intelligent matching function to resolve the cases faster and more efficiently.

Guest Inquiry Page from Falkenberg Strandbad
"This has not only made it easier for guests to get their belongings back but also taken the pressure off the hotel staff"
Emil Lindmark - VD at Falkenberg Strandbad

Falkenberg Strandbad goes the extra mile to reunite lost items with their owners. With Faundit's help, they've shipped back over 300 items to guests in less than a year. It's all part of their commitment to great service and making sure guests have a memorable stay.

Thanks to Faundit, Falkenberg Strandbad is leading the way in Lost & Found management. By leveraging technology, they've streamlined the process, reducing the time spent on lost & found inquiries while ensuring guests enjoy a stress-free and memorable stay, even after they leave.