Ellery Beach House

Increasing guest experience after checkout

Sebastian Martinez, Hotel Manager at Ellery Beach House

Ellery Beach House is the perfect getaway resort, combining water, sports, restaurants, and a wonderful 60s & 70s vibe. Guests instantly feel at home and ready to indulge in the many exciting treats Ellery has to offer.

Unsurprisingly, it is being called "The hottest spot North of Stockholm".

Being part of the ESS group, Ellery is a venue where guests can let go of their worries, and truly live the "carpe diem" lifestyle. Therefore, everyone at Ellery ensures their guests are given the best, worry free experience - even after they have checked out.

Time-saving delivery of 5-star experiences

Implementing the Faundit-powered guest inquiry form on the Ellery website has moved traffic away from countless phone calls and emails, and into a structured process that’s easier for the staff and the guests.

"We spend less than half the time on Lost and Found compared to before Faundit. It’s extremely easy for our guests to inquire about their items and Faundit makes our processes very simple!"
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez, Hotel Manager
Faundit - bring back favourite things

Luxury Experience - all around

With Faundit, Ellery has been able to achieve a 100% response rate on lost item inquiries, leaving 0 chance for bad experiences.

Of the 78 guests who reported a lost item in April 2022, Ellery could inform 17 guests their items were found, directly through the Faundit platform. For the rest of the inquiries, the guest can rest assured, as they are informed that the staff has searched all corners of the hotel for their items. Ultimately leading to a 70% decrease in time spent on Lost and Found.

As people go to Ellery for the luxury chic experience, they will experience the same in every point of contact; guests are naturally greeted “Hey darling” as they would be in the hotel. This helps reinforce the brand and guests are very aware of the extra service level coming from Ellery Beach House.