How Comwell increases guest satisfaction while saving € 3,750 per month

Comwell's reception & lounge

With over 50 years of experience, Comwell ensures an outstanding quality of service and pleasant stay all over Denmark and in Sweden. Whether it is a business trip or a family spa weekend, Comwell offers both urban and remote experiences. As an award-winning hotel group, Comwell is at the forefront of change and innovation in terms of guest experience and operational efficiency.

Making a real difference for the guest is often in the details. For that reason, Comwell supports its guests by offering free co-work spaces, digital running routes, organic food options, and even personalized pillows.

For most hotels, the challenge isn’t only providing the best in-house experience but the service after the guest has checked out is especially difficult. As an industry with an overwhelming amount of items left behind it is common to struggle to uphold high standards in returning those items. For Comwell, Lost and Found became an issue causing frustration for staff and guests alike.

“What really interested us about Faundit was that they take care of ⅔ of the process, which frees up time for our staff to focus on things around the hotels”
Christian Bendixen - Room Division Manager
Comwell reception

The challenge: Overwhelming Lost & Found

Nothing is more bothersome than having a hotel staff that invests their hearts into providing the perfect service to their guests and letting it be ruined by one forgetful moment by the guest and a chaotic Lost & Found process. Nonetheless, they found a genuine challenge being both cost-efficient and service-minded while tackling this problem.

Comwell Hotels collects almost 14,000 lost items every year. As required by law, the hotel must register each item and attempt to contact the owner, if known. With guests from all over the world, the staff could spend hours communicating with guests about what they might have forgotten and facilitating returns. Now, Comwell lets Faundit automate the heavy lifting while they enjoy the credit for a successful reunion.

"We realised that there is so much value in the communication with the guest today. We’re able to turn the situations into something good for the unlucky guests, so that we can go 'above and beyond' with ease"
Christian Bendixen - Room Division Manager
Comwell lobby

The solution: Automated Lost & Found is the future

The process is simple and easy: the staff registers the details about what they find at the hotels and Faundit automatically reaches out to the guest through email and text to coordinate the next steps for the lost property.

Most importantly: no more post-its, no more clustered Excel sheets, no more unanswered emails, and no more headaches for the hotels’ staff or guests. The group saves 200 hours every month and makes sure that the in-house guests are overjoyed while easily complying with GDPR regulations.

On top of the financial savings, the hotels could deliver great customer experiences and seamless service, because of Faundit. This helped out all parties involved and increased positive feedback and reviews from their guests.

Ultimately, Faundit was associated with loyalty, trust, and an increase in returning visitors. Now, more hotels and service organizations are following the trend and adopting the "new normal".