Villa Copenhagen

Commitment to sustainability

Jakob Gjærum, Hotel Manager - Villa Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen, one of the most modern and culturally vibrant cities in Europe, you can find Villa Copenhagen. A hotel that it would be hard to not look at when passing by. It combines a classy and luxurious facade with a modern and breathtaking interior, offering 390 beautiful rooms. It also has a lot of history to it since back in 1912 was the Central Post & Telegraph Head Office.

Now, Villa Copenhagen is not only a place to rest your head. It offers a full experience, such as a high-quality restaurant, bar, fitness area, sauna, and its crown jewel - a beautiful and unique pool that is sustainably heated with excess heat from the hotel.

Faundit - bring back favourite things

Optimising post-stay experiences

Villa Copenhagen offers top-quality services to all the travelers that visit but they also want to make sure that when guests leave, they remain happy and impressed even after checkout.

As hundreds of items are lost in the hotel after checkout every month, Villa makes it simple and effortless for guests to recover their items and limit the number of items that end up as waste while ensuring a positive guest experience.

Jakob Gjærum at Villa Copenhagen
"Faundit is more than reuniting guests with their items. It's also the most environmentally sustainable way to work with lost and found."
Jakob Gjærum, Hotel Manager

Sustainable guest service

Faundit automates the handling of lost and found and supports Villa's sustainability ambitions; for every lost item that is sent, Villa Copenhagen automatically plans a fruit tree through Faundit to compensate for the CO2e emission of the shipment.

In addition to having a positive carbon contribution over 20 years and aiding deforestation, the fruit trees also help local communities by adding a potential income source, motivating them to foster and nurture the trees in the future.

Faundit provides Villa with branded shipping bags made of at least 80% recycled materials to ship all lost items in, making it easy for the hotel staff to deliver a more environmentally friendly service.

Faundit - bring back favourite things